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Avocado Sweet

Philippe, our MD, recently done an interview with Michelle McWilliam of Avocado Sweet. Please click here to read the full article.

Videos from our 2012 Meet the Producers Wine Fair

Philippe Larue, MD, l'Art du Vin
David Lowe from Lowe Wines in Australia with his thoughts on screwcaps versus cork.
Guillaume de Conti, Chateau Tour des Gendres, Bergerac
Carlo Vallone from Santi Dimitri, Italy

The Adventure of a wine athlete going down under!

Chapter 2: final training in Sydney.

In two days time, I will be competing in my 1st major event; blending our next vintage of 7 Day Road Shiraz at the Lowe family estate in Mudgee. Firstly though, I really need to recover from the blasted jet lag! I have decided to follow a very strict regime dictated by my personal drink trainer and local guide, Howard. The next 48 hours are going to be very foodie. First stop will be the original Bill's cafe in Darlinghurst, the home of breakfast in Sydney.We are off to a fantastic start and feel very confident in the ability of my guide. Feeling better but need to increase my intake of caffeine. Therefore, next stop will be the Wedge Espresso Bar in Glebe Point Road which is run by the ex Le Monde barista. Coffee is like a religion in Sydney. The next couple of hours will consist of visiting the tourist places! Before I know it, it's time for lunch, I have been thinking about this moment for the last 24 hours!! We are off to The Red Lantern where I will be practising my aromatic skills. 20% of the population in Sydney is of Asian origin and home to some of the most fantastic Cantonese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in the world. Dinner has been secured at MsG's in Victoria Street. An amazing experience and I would highly recommend the pork knuckle! I am now battling hard to stay awake, so bed time for me.

Tomorrow will be an easy day as I need to be fully fit for my trip to Mudgee on Friday.



The Adventure of a wine athlete going down under!

Chapter 1: Prepartation and travel.

After weeks of preparation, exchanging emails and meeting with friends who have lived in Australia and a long lunch with my good friend Gregor to talk about Australian cuisine and good addresses, D day has finally arrived. I am ready for my long flights (24 hours!) and the beginning of my 1st Australian wine adventure. My 1st glass of wine is on the plane to Singapore and is a rather disappointing Pinot Grigio! Sorry, I am at the back of the plane and the wine waiter refuses to bring me a wine list! Always get into trouble with my French accent!, things can only get better.......

After a quick stop-over, I am back on the plane and in 8 hours will be touching down on Sydney tarmac. I am already thinking of my lunch that I will have with my friend Howard, a "Scottish Expat and a Bon Vivant". The morale is high despite being quite tired.......

The next challenge will be the customs. I heard that the officers are quite tough so for once decided to travel very light and left my French survival kit (saucisson and a bottle of Fleurie) at home. I can now see Sydney in the distance from my plane window. The co-pilot has just announced that it is 6am and 21c and the forecast is excellent for the rest of the day.

I have been taking part in a lot of wine exercises lately and now feel ready for the Australian Wine Games. They consist of 4 major events over a 10 day period. The 1st event "high altitude vineyard" is in a couple of days and will take place at the Lowe Estate in Mudgee.

Speak soon....


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