Bugey Altesse de Montagnieu 'En Chinvre' Blanc, Domaine Yves Duport, Bugey, France 2017


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10 hectares – 4th generation family ownership – indigenous grape varieties

Domaine Yves Duport

From his 10 hectare estate in the foothills of the Alps, Yves Duport crafts artisan wines which are steadily putting this lesser known French region on the winemaking map. Half of Yves’ production consists of Bugey Blanc, including a key focus on the indigenous grape variety of Altesse, known elsewhere in France as Roussette. This cuvée displays subtle mineral and fresh floral aromas, which develop through ageing to notes of honey and bees wax.

Along with Altesse, Yves also cultivates the local grape variety of Mondeuse, which along with Pinot Noir, forms the base of his red wines. Mondeuse is also one of the key components in Yves’ spectacularly elegant sparkling wine. A blend which also contains Chardonnay, Aligoté and Pinot Noir, the ‘l’Origine’ Brut is produced using the traditional method and displays graceful floral notes, rendering it a perfect aperitif wine.

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