Crljenak Kaštelanski: Your favourite grape variety that you have never heard of?!

Over the course of 2020, Crljenak Kaštelanski has been one of our best-selling varieties online. Never heard of it? We certainly wouldn’t blame you – it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!

Technically speaking, Primitivo and Zinfandel are in fact the two varieties that have gained popular support via our online shop. They are best known for their use in red wine production in Italy and the USA respectively. However, their story begins on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

In the early 2000s, after decades of wine aficionados drawing attention to the similarities between Primitivo and Zinfandel, experts finally conducted more thorough research. The resulting data showed that they were in fact identical! Furthermore, there was a third, previously distinct, variety that also proved to be an exact match – you guessed it, the indigenous Croatian grape of Crljenak Kaštelanski!

Of course, wines produced using these varieties showcase similar hallmarks but cannot be directly compared. After all, they are grown in areas thousands of miles apart, on unique soils and by different winemakers. Therefore, to allow you to compare and contrast, we have discounted the prices of our Primitivo/Zinfandel online offering by 10%.

We hope this gives you the opportunity to discover which example of this fascinating grape variety you most enjoy, from the sun-soaked vineyards of Francesco Mocavero in Salento to the Tony Cartlidge’s high altitude vines in Lake County, California. We look forward to hearing how you get on with your research!