Algo, Domaine des Schistes, Roussillon, France NV

Algo, Domaine des Schistes, Roussillon, France NV

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Domaine des Schistes

The vines of Domaine des Schistes have been producing top quality fruit for three generations. Until the late 80s, these grapes were sold to the local co-operative. However, by 1989, Nadine and Jacques Sire were beginning to grow frustrated at the fact their quality production was being thrown in to the mix at the co-op with fruit of lesser quality from surrounding vineyards. They took the decision to withdraw from the co-op and begin fashioning their own wines.

After his parents had made the initial forays in to independent production, Mickaël joined the family team in 2004 and took the wines on to a new level. Rather than learning on the job, he had studied winemaking in various regions both in France and abroad. His innovations included modernising the winery, the purchase of smaller vats for enhanced selection in winemaking and the determination to begin working organically.


100% Grenache Blanc. Nose of dried fruits with hints of iodine. Round, nutty aromas and a bitter orange finish. A great companion to a cheese platter.

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