Cora, Loxarel, Penedes, Spain 2021

Cora, Loxarel, Penedes, Spain 2021

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Family-owned – organic – indigenous grape varieties

Can Mayol

Can Mayol, which bottles under the trademarked name “Loxarel,” is a winery that has been farming organically for more than a decade. Owned by the Mitjan family, the winery is relatively primitive in design, due to their desire to concentrate all their time and energy simply on winemaking, not on fancy gadgets or architecture.

The key focus at Can Mayol is Cava production, yet they also produce a range of high quality, single varietal wines that all display a distinctive elegance and minerality.

Cora 2021

A blend of Muscat and Xarel·lo grapes from vineyards situated at an altitude of 500-700 metres above sea level. The meaning of "Cora" is a young and virgin maiden, as found in Greek mythology. A perfect name for this delicate, elegant very aromatic wine – white flowers, almond, peach vineyard and honeysuckle.

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