Riesling (Alcohol free), Leitz, Rheinhessen, Germany NV

Riesling (Alcohol free), Leitz, Rheinhessen, Germany NV

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There are records linking the Leitz family to winemaking which date all the way back to 1744. Johannes Leitz took over the winery in 1985 and since then has increased the estate from 2.9 hectares to the 40 hectares that we see today.

Johannes has always aimed to produce wines in an elegant style with pure fruitiness and great freshness, of the highest quality – and this includes his alcohol-free wines. The alcohol is removed through gentle vacuum distillation which preserves the natural aromas of the grape variety involved.

Riesling (Alcohol free)

Leitz’s Riesling is bursting with fresh fruit flavours, with notes of lime and citrus, red apples, and surprisingly a hint of rhubarb on an underlying mineral base. The finish is dry and relatively long.

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