Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest 50cl, Menade, Rueda, Spain 2018


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Advocates of biodiversity – family run 


Menade is a dynamic project in the Rueda run by three siblings of the Sanz family: Marco, Richard and Alejandra. Their aim is to firmly buck the trend in Rueda, which they believe is experiencing an identity crisis, as it becomes known for cheap, crisp and relatively neutral white wines. As viticulturalist, Richard is a firm believer in the fact that the resurrection of the region must be based on the championing of their indigenous grape variety – Verdejo. The decision to convert to organic farming at Menade was made with the understanding that would result in more complex wines through a reduction in yields. The quality of the fruit at Menade has now allowed Richard to dispense with SO2 during fermentation allowing the indigenous yeasts to kickstart the fermentation with the wine being protected from oxidation by a layer of natural and recycled CO2.