Cabidos Petit Manseng Doux - Cuvée des Annesses VDP du Comté Tolosan 37.5cl, Domaine de Cabidos, Bearn, France 2013


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Geographically protected vineyard – passerillage winemaking method

Domaine de Cabidos

Cabidos is located in Béarn, just outside the Jurançon appellation. The estate specialises in sweet and dry wines from the indigenous Petit Manseng grape variety, producing wines of great character, complexity and length that are highly sought-after and appreciated by connoisseurs the world over. With a distinguished history dating back to the 13th Century, when Navarre was a kingdom as powerful as the kingdom of France, the 9-hectare estate flourishes today under the family ownership of Robert and Peggy Alday. Maître de Chai and Chef de Culture Madame Méo Sakorn-Sériès is responsible for the vineyards and chai, and is the only Thailandese lady winemaker in France (if not the world).

The sweet Petit Manseng (les doux) are made thanks to the ancient method of passerillage, which consists of concentrating the grapes by leaving them to dry on the vine long into the autumn and sometimes into December. The result is sumptuous. The wines show powerful quince and tropical fruit aromas. The vibrant acidity balances the sweetness, and the controlled levels of alcohol make this an ideal sipping or dessert wine. The estate’s dry Petit Manseng is a rare and original wine.

The Petit Manseng grape is powerful and aromatic but difficult to master. Its low yields and labour-intensive demands deter all but the most intrepid. Consequently there are very few estates producing a 100% Petit Manseng as a dry wine, and none with the dedication and perfectionism of Cabidos.

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