Champagne Cuvee Irizée Meunier, Régis Poissinet, France NV

Champagne Cuvee Irizée Meunier, Régis Poissinet, France NV

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Biodynamic – family-run – working horses in vineyards

Champagne Régis Poissinet

The seven-hectare estate of Champagne Régis Poissinet in the Marne Valley has been family run since 1947. Since Régis himself as taken over the management of the business, there have been a number of key changes in terms of philosophy and style.

Nowadays, the team work with absolute respect for their natural environment, without the use of herbicides. The changes have prompted the flourishing of fauna and flora, with Regis now far more content with the health of his soils and the living micro-organisms they contain.

Another key change was the decision to re-introduce working horses to the vineyard. In the words of Regis, “the use of horses in the vines is neither quaint nor picturesque about it, but is simply an extension of our philosophy. For us their work is invaluable in aerating the earth on steep inclines that are otherwise inaccessible.”

Of particular note is his ‘Irizée Meunier’ cuvee, made from 100% Pinot Meunier. Only made in the best vintages and with the pick of the estate’s fruit, the wine is aged in both barrels and vats before being bottled are unfiltered and turned by hand to stir the lees.

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