Merlot, Martin Meinert Wines, Devon Valley, South Africa 2015


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Former Vergelegen estate winemaker – very personal wines

Martin Meinert Wines

Having made his name as head of the now famous Vergelegen estate, Martin Meinert took the decision to become involved in his family vineyard at Devon Crest in Stellenbosch in 1997. Employed as a journalist before turning to wine, Martin sees cultivating vines on his land’s unique terroir as a way to express his inner feelings, a passion which is very much evident in the quality of his wines.

Of his produce, the standout is Martin’s flagship wine, Synchronicity, a rich and elegant blend of Cabernet and Merlot creating a full-bodied and very juicy wine. Also worth noting is the estate’s Sauvignon Blanc, which was specially created for Martin’s wife. Named after his partner, the Sauvignon was first produced at the request of La Barry, as she only liked white wine!

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