Prosecco Colfondo Frizzante Vino Biologico, Casa Belfi, Veneto, Italy 2017


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Unfiltered/unfined – biodynamic – no added sulphur

Casa Belfi

Produced in the Prosecco heartland of the Veneto using the Glera grape variety, this hazy wine comes from the biodynamic estate of Casa Belfi. Every stage of the process is eco-friendly, from the use of natural manures and green fertilisers in the vineyard, to gentle crushing of grapes in the winery. Indigenous yeasts are used during the fermentation process, after which the wine is left in contact with the lees for around 6 months, before being bottled in the spring.

The result is a light bodied, bone-dry wine which, without filtering or clarification, can be extremely cloudy. Straw yellow in colour, it displays fine, persistent bubbles and a flowery nose, accompanied by notes of citrus, yeast and baked bread on the palate. The lees at the bottom of the bottle offer the wine softness, mouthfeel and longevity and can be shaken into the Prosecco to give buttery-spicy flavours.