Silvaner Muschel Kalk, Weingut Am Stein, Franken, Germany 2018


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Organic – hosts to 'Hoffest' celebrations

Weingut Am Stein

Weingut Am Stein is nestled among the most famous vineyard sites in the Franken region. Run by Ludwig Knoll and his wife Sandra, the estate has swiftly developed a reputation for producing wines of outstanding quality that showcase incredible aromatics, purity of flavour, freshness and balance. They are also known as the hosts of ‘Hoffest’, a celebration of food, wine, music and culture that they host among their vines each year.

The winery was originally constructed by Ludwig’s father in 1980 and from that point on, the family have worked in a biodynamic manner in order to nourish their land and produce authentic wines that reflect their terroirs. The team work the extremely steep slopes of the vineyard by hand and over time, have revitalised many old, disused parcels that now produce wines with energy and true character. Ludwig insists that the level of quality showcased in these vineyards is all thanks to years of strict biodynamic farming.