Syrah Tannat Aramis, Chateau d&

Syrah Tannat Aramis, Chateau d'Aydie, Madiran, France 2018

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Family owned – Tannat grape

Château d'Aydie

Situated in the heart of South West France, among the vineyards of the Madiran appellation, Château d’Aydie has been run by the Laplace family ever since its inception in 1930. Originally the brainchild of Frederic Laplace, the vineyard produces wines using the unique Tannat grape variety, which is renowned for containing anti-cholesterol qualities and as a result, is reputed to be the grape varietal with the most health benefits for the consumer.

These days the estate is controlled by Bernard and Jean-Luc Laplace, who oversee the winemaking and vinification processes, while Mary and Francois Laplace co-ordinate the business side of the estate, ensuring that the Domaine retains its wholesome, family atmosphere.

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