Behind the label: Domaine de Beaurenard

Behind the label: Domaine de Beaurenard

This week we go behind the label at Domaine de Beaurenard, one of the latest additions to our biodynamic portfolio.

Domaine de Beaurenard in Southern Rhone has been a family-run estate for eight generations. Today, brothers Daniel and Frédéric Coulon (pictured) and Daniel’s sons Victor and Antonin are dedicated to producing the purest expression of their historic terroirs.

The estate achieved biodynamic certification in 2010 and in recent years they have also established a presence in the up and coming appellation of Rasteau. As part of the biodynamic process, the brothers apply biodynamic preparations (made from dung, compost and silica among others) that strengthen the vine’s natural defences.

To further fortify them, plant-tea sprays (nettle, yarrow, horsetail, camomile) are regularly dispensed. In the vineyards, these methods involve working the soil without herbicides, spreading carefully-dynamised manure, and maintaining sensible grass cover (according to climatic conditions). This labour intensive approach is rewarded when the resulting wines burst from the bottle, with a clear sense of place and a vibrancy that is so often missing in the modern wine world.

Of particular interest is their Rasteau, a blend dominated by 80% Grenache backed up by 15% Syrah and 5% Mourvèdre. Expect bags of red fruit, spice and earthy notes on the nose, leading to a soft, full-bodied palate laden with cherry, black fruits and black pepper.

We also currently stock Domaine de Beaurenard's Côte du Rhône and Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge.