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Fleurie Vieilles Vignes 'Le Vivier', Domaine Lucien Lardy, Beaujolais, France 2019

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Family owned – plot-by-plot vinification – founding member of Terroirs Originels

Domaine Lucien Lardy

Lucien Lardy sees himself as a keeper of both French and family winemaking heritage. Rather than seeing his job as arduous, he thinks that his profession enables him to fulfil the role of guardian, protecting the land for the next generation. This respect for nature has fuelled his winemaking philosophy, as Lucien aims to let his wines speak for themselves and act as a representation of their individual terroirs. Each plot is vinified separately, allowing the creation of complex wines that display the many characteristics of his land. Lucien is a founding member of the Terroirs Originels collective, a federation of likeminded winemakers who promote integrity and passion for winemaking alongside sustainable growing practices.

Light bodied with chewy summer red fruit characters and vivacious acidity. 

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