Pinot Noir North Coast, Buena Vista, California, USA 2018

Pinot Noir North Coast, Buena Vista, California, USA 2018

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Buena Vista

Having left Hungary for the New World, the self-proclaimed ‘Count of Buena Vista’ Agoston Haraszthy founded Buena Vista in 1857 to pioneer the production of high quality wines in California. Here he introduced ground-breaking viticultural practices such as dry-farming and hillside planting as well as constructing California’s first gravity fed winery. On his death in 1878 the estate was sold off and wine production went through a hiatus until the property was purchased by the Bartholomew family in 1943. Working with the famous winemaker and viticultural pioneer André Tchelistcheff, the winery once again became a force in California during the state’s post-prohibition resurgence.

Following several changes in ownership, the historic winery was purchased in 2011 by the Boisset family from Burgundy. Under Jean-Charles Boisset the winery has undergone extensive renovation and the Count’s original vision is being pursued with renewed vigour – with the team now at the forefront of quality production in the area, while also ensuring their wines offer excellent value for money.

Pinot Noir North Coast 2018

Bold aromas of ripe red fruits are followed by spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. The palate shows flavours of raspberry and black cherry unfolding into hints of mocha and cardamom which last through to the bright, fresh finish.

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