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Malbec 'Extra Libre' Vin Naturel, Chateau du Cedre, Cahors, France 2019

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Organic – expression of terroirs – interesting microclimate

Château du Cèdre

A true expression of a quite wonderful terroir, the team at Château du Cèdre produces Malbec wines that are both fruity and possess the necessary composition to improve with age. Their 27 hectares of vineyards are influenced heavily by a bedrock of clay and limestone, as well as the wooded area which surrounds the estate, leaving wines with aromas of eucalyptus and juniper aromas.

Another key factor in the production process is the micro climate that the Domaine experiences, influenced by the prevailing wind from the Atlantic Ocean for eight months of the year, yet also affected by the warm weather from the Mediterranean Sea for the duration of the summer.

New to their range is the ‘Extra Libre’. With no added sulphites, it is one of the purest representations of Malbec from the Cahors that we have ever come across. It is most certainly a cuvee that, in our eyes, highlights the benefits of the natural wine movement.

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