Organic Frizzante Rosé, La Jara, Veneto, Italy NV

Organic Frizzante Rosé, La Jara, Veneto, Italy NV

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Organic – brothers in arms – family owned

La Jara

In 1999, Massimo Marion and his brother Paolo began to work their family land in the Veneto region, using organic farm practices to produce vibrant grapes. Owned by the family since 1891, ‘La Jara’ is the word for gravel in the regional dialect of the Veneto, a reference to the gravelly soils that cover the area. The La Jara estate comprises vines at a wide variety of altitudes, with vines running all the way down to the banks of the River Piave, providing the Marion brothers with ample room for experimentation with the different terroirs present.

In recent years, regulations have been tightened with regards to Prosecco production in order to safe guard the quality of these wines. There is no doubt that those produced by Massimo and Paolo fall well within these new quality controls – an excellent example of the virtues of organic, family-orientated farming in this region often dominated by cooperatives and conglomerates.

Fresh, crisp with ripe summer berry fruit flavours.

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