Pinot Noir Corralillo, Matetic, Rosario, Chile 2018

Pinot Noir Corralillo, Matetic, Rosario, Chile 2018

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The Matetic family has a history of settling in new territory and making a success of agriculture. In 1892, the current members’ ancestors made the long journey by sea from the Croatian coast to Punta Arenas on the southern tip of Chile. They soon acquired large haciendas for sheep and dairy farming. It was only in 1999 that the fourth generation of Chilean Matetic made the move into winemaking.

After a detailed study of the terroir, Jorge Matetic Hartard and his relatives decided to plant vineyards in a previously overlooked side valley of the San Antonio appellation – Rosario. Just 15km from the Pacific Ocean, the rolling hills of Rosario Valley benefits from cooling sea breezes and huge daily swings in temperature. Well drained, quartz-sandy soil requires vines to dig their roots deep into the ground (up to four metres) to find water and nutrients, making for low yields and high-quality fruit.

Eco-friendly practices are at the heart of everything the Matetic team do, from the fact they are certified organic, sustainable and biodynamic, to the design of their winery, which deliberately blends in to its surroundings and is structured in such a way that all winemaking procedures are conducted naturally using gravity rather than pumps.

Pinot Noir Corralillo 2017

A vibrant and lively nose that brims with berry fruit and spices. The cool-climate style gives a delicate and fresh tasting palate, with a fine texture and subtle mocha notes whilst allowing maximum fruit expression.

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