Brut Nature Zero Dosage, Drappier, Champagne, France NV

Brut Nature Zero Dosage, Drappier, Champagne, France NV

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Drappier, a family-run, Aube-based grower and négociant Champagne producer, has a very particular character that makes it something of an outlier among its rivals.
Neither a grande marque nor strictly a grower, Drappier has 60 hectares of vineyards in southern area of Champagne around its winery in the village of Urville, but also buys in two thirds of its supply from vineyard owners in the appellation.

The estate is now controlled by Michel Drappier who, in recent years, has spearheaded a move towards increased sustainability. As a result, they were the first producer in Champagne to be certified carbon-neutral. They are also gradually increasing the amount of vines which are certified organic, with 15 hectares of their land now recognised as such, with other areas under conversion. The sustainability model stretches to all areas of the winemaking process, with all ploughing carried out by horses or electric tractors, while the winery runs on 100% renewable solar energy.

Michel’s daughter Charlene is an ardent believer in this approach and recently acknowledged that more must be done across the region to invoke change.
“Champagne means countryside, and we have to remember that the countryside is an ecosystem with more than one crop” she said. “It is important to re-introduce an ecosystem in Champagne for more balance and biodiversity.”

Brut Nature Zero Dosage

A thrilling champagne of real depth and energy, this sugar-free, sulphur-free blanc de noirs offers a rich nose of apple, pear and hazelnut, followed by a bone-dry palate full of refined lemon and mineral flavour.

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