Bulles d’O, Blanquette de Limoux, Château Canet Brut, France NV


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Family owned – Terra Vitis registered

Château Canet

Chateau Canet is a family run wine and olive domaine in the appellation of Minervois. Winemaker and owner Floris Lemstra tends to his 45 hectares estate following the principles of Terra Vitis, promoting sustainability throughout his vineyard. In order to further boost the ecosystem across his land, Floris maintains a 3 hectare olive grow alongside a vast wild pine forest.

Sparkling wine was produced in Limoux by the monks of the abbey of St-Hilaire long before it was in the Champagne region. It uses the same production method as Champagne, with a second fermentation taking place in the bottle.

Floris’ Bulles d'O Blanquette de Limoux is packed with fresh white fruit flavours before a soft creamy palate. Produced using 90% Mauzac, 5% Chardonnay and 5% Chenin Blanc, it really is an excellent example of the quality that can be found in regional French sparkling wines – culminating in a refreshing, long and pithy finish.