At l’Art du Vin, we invest a lot of our time in searching to find the most skilled producers in each region of the wine world.

We find their philosophies and ways of life inspiring, which is why we enjoy sharing the fruits of their hard labour with you all.

We’re very thankful for the relationships we have with our suppliers, so much so that we would like to introduce you to them.

So, without further ado, we present to you... our artisans!

We offer a wide range of biodynamic and organic wines alongside our very own range of micro fair trade wines.

Organic wines

Organic wine is made using only organically certified grapes, grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers. We believe that it is important to understand how our wines are made. Organic certification allows us to be sure that these wines have been produced in a manner that is environmentally friendly and respectful of the land.

Biodynamic wines

Not only do biodynamic winemakers use less chemicals, they attempt to utilize all that their land has to offer, using wild yeasts in the wine making process and preparing organic composts to help nourish their vines, as well as paying strict attention to the lunar calendar. While this may seem odd to us today, this technique was commonly used by past generations of farmers.

'Dare to make a difference!'

Cannonberg Project

Our South African Cannonberg label was originally launched in partnership with the Fairtrade Organisation, which we hoped was going to benefit the local community by contributing to social projects in the Western Cape region. We realised that if we wanted the project to make the impact we were hoping for, we had to be a lot more hands on therefore we now manage the project on a more personal level.

Our Cannonberg range, containing a Chenin Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon, is produced at the Imbuko Farm based in the historic town of Wellington, in the heart of the renowned Cape winelands. A percentage of the money from the sales of these wines goes directly to support projects within the local community. The headteacher at the centre says; “The school motto is ‘dare to make a difference’!” a philosophy that we certainly agree with.