Case by case: Vegan! 6 Bottle selection

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At l’Art du Vin we understand that wine can be an extremely intimidating topic. That’s why we have decided to launch Case by case so-called because it allows us to tailor our selection to your personal tastes.


We are delighted to introduce you to a selection of our favourite certified vegan-friendly wines.

Given that wine is produced using grape juice and yeast, you would be forgiven for assuming that all wine is suitable for a vegan-friendly diet. However, it is common for many winemakers to use fining agents that are made from animal-based products. These include egg whites or casein (a protein found in milk), often used to remove tiny particles of sediment in a wine that cannot be removed by filtration. Other animal products used in wine production may include beeswax (used to seal bottles) and agglomerated corks (which use milk-based glues).

In contrast, vegan wines are made without animal products. Winemakers choose to either leave wines unfined, with small particles still visible in the finished wine, or opt for non-animal based fining products such as bentonite or pea protein.

We hope that you enjoy our vegan selection and should you have any further queries about vegan-friendly wines then please do not hesitate to get in touch.



1x Verdejo, Menade, Castilla, Spain 2018

1x Falerio Oris bianco, Pecorino blend, Ciu Ciu, Marche, Italy 2018

1x Pinot Grigio, Fidora, Veneto, Italy 2018


1x Rioja, Dominio de Heredia, Spain 2017

1x Rosso di Veneto, Domini del Leone, Veneto, Italy NV

1x Syrah Parvus, Alta Alella, Alella, Spain 2015

*Should there be any stock issues with these example wines we will automatically upgrade your case by including a wine of greater value.

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