Chateau Cantenac Brown, 3e Grand Cru Classé, Margaux, Bordeaux, France 2014


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Exceptional terroir – Grand Cru area

Château Cantenac Brown

At the beginning of the 19th century, the esteemed animal painter of Scottish descent, John Lewis Brown, bought the vineyard. Designed by Brown in a traditional Tudor style, the château was host to the grand parties the owner was renowned for, highlighting his love of good wines. 150 years later the Simon Halabi family has given new impetus to the estate with the ambition of raising it to the highest echelons.

The vineyard covers 42 hectares (104 acres) and has the gravelly soils, typical of the Médoc area. The attractive white stones reflect the sun’s rays onto the fruit in daytime whilst at night they radiate the heat retained during the day. With José Sanfins in charge, methods have changed and the vineyard is managed in a more environmentally friendly way: the ‘sustainable approach’ goes without saying.