‘Cinquenoci’ Primitivo, Masseria Tagaro, Puglia, Italy 2020

‘Cinquenoci’ Primitivo, Masseria Tagaro, Puglia, Italy 2020

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Top Primitivo producers – small estate – vegan

Masseria Tagaro

A small family farm of 40 hectares, Masseria Tagaro is located in the beautiful Itria Valley – in the very heart of Puglia. Just a few miles from the picturesque town of Alberobello, the land in this area is known for its unique climate and terroir that is very distinct in comparison to the rest of the region. The team at Masseria Tagaro are third generation winemakers, presiding over a parcel of land based on clay and calcareous soils and concentrating on the production of Primitivo and Negroamaro.

Their 'Cinquenoci' is 100% Primitivo. Deep red with violet reflections. Intense and persistent aromas of red fruit on the nose. Very strong notes of plums, blackcurrant, cocoa and sweet spices. Well balanced-wine. Vegan.

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