Cru Bourgeois, Château Charmail, Haut-Médoc, France 2016

Cru Bourgeois, Château Charmail, Haut-Médoc, France 2016

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Château Charmail

On the left bank of the Gironde, the Château Charmail is a Cru Bourgeois of the Haut-Médoc appellation, a little north of the commune of Saint-Estèphe. The Château owes its origin and its name to the acquisition of land in the 16th century by a family from Brittany, the Trevey de Charmail, who began to plant vines there. The place is absolutely bucolic, facing due south, in one piece, the slope slopes gently down towards the Gironde and the terroir is ideal.

In the 18th century, Château Charmail became known beyond the borders. Roger Sèze, an agricultural engineer, bought the estate in 1980, renovated the cellars and the Château before handing it over to his son, Olivier. The latter will give thirty years of his life to this estate in order to make it an elegant, sought-after wine and a sure value of the Haut-Medoc. His challenge was successful thanks to his talent and visionary spirit. In 2008, Bernard d'Halluin bought the property while allowing Olivier Sèze to remain at the helm in order to share his knowledge and experience. His daughter, Marie, has been his accomplice since 2008, taking care of all the commercial and marketing aspects.

Château Charmail 2016

The 2016 vintage is a fruity and dense wine. It has a beautiful colour, of an intense purple, almost black. Synonymous with regularity for decades, it is balanced and elegant. Its nose is fresh, perfumed with blackberry and blackcurrant. The tannins are complete, well extracted and the finish is long, dynamic, almost spicy.

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