Dao Branco, Prunus, Dao, Portugal, 2020

Dao Branco, Prunus, Dao, Portugal, 2020

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Prunus is one of a number of wine projects supported by Gota, an organisation that came to life in 2010. Established by a winemaker and wine buyer, Gota (which means drop in Portuguese) have the ambition of bringing lesser known grape varieties and appellations to the wider market. They work in conjunction with small producers who lack the necessary connections to successfully export wines themselves. The wines from the Prunus project are fantastic examples of their overall philosophy. Based on blends of indigenous varieties, they are wonderfully gastronomic wines that offer excellent value for money and further highlight the quality of wines to be found off the beaten track in Portugal.

Dao Branco 2019

Well-rounded and harmonious, with notes of tinned peaches and fresh herbs, a fresh juicy palate and a long, mouthwatering finish.

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