Gavi di Gavi La Meirana, Broglia, Piedmont, Italy 2020

Gavi di Gavi La Meirana, Broglia, Piedmont, Italy 2020

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The vineyards of Broglia are the oldest in the Gavi region, with records of their existence dating back as far as 972AD. Broglia are best known for their work with the Cortese grape variety and for their constant innovation in the region. This desire to continually improve their work has led to a joint collaboration with a number of local universities, giving students the opportunity to have their say on the many issues faced by the wine industry – most noticeably global warming and challenges posed by climate change. They believe this strategic partnership provides them with the opportunity to ensure they always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these climatic problems.

Gavi di Gavi La Meirana 2019

This wine is all about freshness and energy. The nose is bursting with apple, citrus and mineral aromas, backed up by more nuanced almond notes. The palate is fresh and dry – everything you would want from a classic Gavi.

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