Lo Petit Fantet Blanc, Chateau Ollieux Romanis, Boutenac, France 2019


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Family owned – historic winemaking region – low yields

Château Les Ollieux Romanis

The region of Boutenac in the south of France has played host to winemaking estates since the time of the Romans. While the lineage of Château Les Ollieux Romanis doesn’t stretch back quite as far as that - it has been owned by the Bories family for generations - the estate continues to produce wines in a traditional manner that pays homage to the history of their region. From vines located on a sheltered hillside, the Ollieux Romanis team produce a range of wines that focus on the typical black grape varieties of this region; Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, along with the classic white varieties of Roussanne and Marsanne.

Their white 'Lo Petit Fantet' blend is a combination of Roussanne and Marsanne, the two local white grapes of the region. The fruit character is full and ripe, with flavours of apricot, papaya and banana. A delightful, rich white that is full of sunshine.