Master of None, Blankbottle, South Africa 2020

Master of None, Blankbottle, South Africa 2020

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Critically-acclaimed winemaker – exciting wines

Blankbottle – Pieter H. Walser

We are delighted to be able to introduce to you the Blankbottle range from critically-acclaimed South African winemaker Pieter H. Walser. Below, Pieter explains when he first established the basic premise of the concept. “In 2004, a lady came to my house to buy wine. She asked for anything but Shiraz. “I don’t drink Shiraz”, were her exact words. I poured her a glass of wine. She loved it and bought 3 cases. It was a straight Shiraz. It’s a fact – we do judge the book by its cover.” And so was born the idea of a range of wines that has no limitations when it comes to style, vintage, area or grape varieties.

The result is a selection of wines that excite and intrigue the mind in equal measure. Pieter makes up to 40 different wines each year and this complex yet fresh bottling is his answer to those who consider him a jack of all trades!

If you enjoy reds on the lighter end of the spectrum such as Pinot Noir or Gamay then Pieter's 'Master of None' will definitely be up your street! It comprises a blend of 5 different grape varieties from tiny vineyard plots across 6 distinct regions; 40% Grenache from Wellington, 30% Cinsault from sites in Darling and Stellenbosch, 8% Pinot Noir from Elgin and a further 8% Syrah from Swartland. Unusually, Pieter then tops up the blend with Voor Paardeberg Chenin Blanc, adding aromatic freshness to the finished wine.

It drinks like a top-class Beaujolais – super bright and juicy, bursting with wild strawberry, cherry and with an earthy, smoky undercurrent. Enjoy at room temperature or slightly chilled – perfect for summer drinking!

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