Neprica Primitivo, Tormaresca, Puglia, Italy 2018

Neprica Primitivo, Tormaresca, Puglia, Italy 2018

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Tormaresca was a project born out of a desire to shine the spotlight on the indigenous grape varieties of the region of Puglia.

Nestled at about 300 metres above sea level, the estate is an area with challenging climatic conditions. Locals have learned how to harness these unique environmental factors, be it the region’s harsh winters, extreme temperature fluctuations, steep ravines, thick fogs or close proximity to an ancient volcano.

The team at Tormaresca use these conditions to their advantage, producing wines which represent this unique terroirs and truly capture their sense of place.

Neprica Primitivo 2018

Red fruits, black cherry and notes of liquorice. The palate is well-rounded, with soft, supple tannins and a pleasingly fresh finish.

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