Passo Blanco, Masi Tupungato, Argentina 2020

Passo Blanco, Masi Tupungato, Argentina 2020

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Masi Tupungato

Masi Tupungato is the Argentine outpost of the famous Masi family, best known for being pioneers of the Ripasso style in their native Italy.

The wines fashioned at this estate are a unique fusion between the key Argentine flagship grape varieties of Malbec and Torrontès, alongside the indigenous varietals of their Venetian homeland, namely Corvina and Pinot Grigio.

The marriage of two cultures doesn’t end there, with the winemaking techniques employed also embracing their Italian heritage.

Wines from the Masi Tupungato estate are made with the appassimento technique, which means leaving the grapes to dry out for the winter months, thus concentrating aromas and perfumes. The resulting wines are exuberant and energetic, showcasing perfect balance between native grape varieties and traditional Italian winemaking technique.

Organic Passo Blanco 2018

Produced from 60% Pinot Grigio and 40% Torrontés. Roses, orange blossom and broom on the nose as well as fruity hints of grapefruit, orange and peach. Fresh, full-bodied and well-balanced on the palate; long lasting in the mouth with a touch of lemon on the finish.

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