Pinot Noir, Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia 2018

Pinot Noir, Lethbridge, Victoria, Australia 2018

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Lethbridge was born when three friends, Ray Nadeson, Maree Collis and Adrian Thomas decided to leave behind their careers in the science and medicine industry to pursue their passion for wine.

Their joint venture centred on the Lethbridge Estate Vineyard, whose history dates back to 1874. They replanted many of the vines in 1996 and set about converting the land using solely biodynamic and organic practices. Located at a distance of 30km from the main wine area of Geelong, the estate enjoys a continental climatic condition.

The vines are planted at an altitude of 250m above sea level, and it is neatly divided into parcels based on the soil type that is found here, a combination of clay, sandy clay and rockier ground. This combination of continental climate, varied soil types and altitude is critical to the production of the refined, sophisticated wines they produce.

In addition to their own fruit, the team at Lethbridge also have partnerships with a handful of esteemed local grape growers in areas such as Henty, Heathcote and The Great Western regions. They believe that having access to these grapes allows them to produce wines which possess poise and balance each year, even in tougher vintages.

Pinot Noir 2017/18

This Pinot displays a gorgeous, subtle bouquet of cherry, raspberry, flowers and fresh leaves, which leads into a poised, beautifully textured, complex  palate. Seamless and delicate yet with great underlying persistence and length, this is a masterclass in Pinot Noir winemaking.

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