Rosé, Domaine Rimauresq, Provence, France 2020

Rosé, Domaine Rimauresq, Provence, France 2020

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Highly-acclaimed winemaker – cru classé vineyards

Domaine Rimauresq

With director Pierre Duffort calling the shots at the head of a well-regarded team of winemakers, it is no surprise that Domaine Rimauresq has been lauded by critics in recent years for its excellent produce. Duffort himself has been acclaimed as the key to the estate’s success, thrice being named by Guide Hachette in their list of top winemakers.

Domaine Rimauresq is the home of 9 grape varieties that are cultivated to produce red and white as well as rosé wines – which are known for being slightly darker than many other examples of rosé from the region.

Rosé 2020

Crisp, elegant rosé with delicate floral and raspberry notes.

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