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Sancerre Blanc 'Tournebride', Domaine Vincent Gaudry, Loire, France 2019

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Biodynamic – enigmatic – secretive – true representation of terroir

Domaine Vincent Gaudry

A recent visit to this Domaine only served to confirm what we already knew, that Vincent Gaudry holds the most profound belief in the philosophy of biodynamics – to the extent that he has erected standing stones on his land in order to channel positive energy to his vines. He argues that the vines tell him when to harvest and that the taste of his wines alters depending on the season in which they are enjoyed – for example, they appear energetic during the harvest, even if they have been in a bottle for years. Known for being extremely secretive with his methods, there is no question that Vincent’s wines are as true a representation of the Sancerre terroirs that you will find, each wine a pure expression of the circumstances in which they were cultivated.

Whilst showing the expected gooseberry and citrus characters, the wine has incredible depth with width.

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