Vinhao Vinho Verde Tinto, Aphros, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2018


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Aphros is the brainchild of former architect Vasco Croft. His vineyards are spread over a 20 hectare area next to the Lima River, a region that is rich in biodiversity and indigenous flora and fauna. In his thirties, Vasco had what he describes as a life changing encounter with a Buddhist monk, where a bottle of wine was shared. This event led Vasco to leave behind his well-established creative furniture business in order to redevelop his family winery, a semi-abandoned property belonging to his family since the 17th century.

Through years of hard work and by following a strict biodynamic philosophy in order to encourage the burgeoning natural beauty which surrounds his land, Vasco has developed a reputation for producing wines of supreme quality.

This Vinhao is vibrant with floral-toned red fruit notes – both refreshing and enormously gastronomic.