Vinum Chenin Blanc, Radford Dale, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2019

Vinum Chenin Blanc, Radford Dale, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2019

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Radford Dale

Alex Dale began his winemaking career earlier than most when he worked harvest for the first time in Burgundy at the age of 15. In his late teens, he moved from his native England to Burgundy full time to further immersed himself in the culture of wine. After over a decade in the region and ready for a change, Alex moved to South Africa, just three months after Nelson Mandela became president. He produced the first vintage under the Radford Dale label in 1998, along with Ben Radford.

Since that time, Radford Dale has been made in very limited quantities and to exacting standards. They have become leaders in chemical-free farming as founding members of PIWOSA (Premium Independent Wines of South Africa), which sets ethical, environmental, and social-uplift standards. The wines are produced with minimal intervention, combining the greatest attributes of time-tested, traditional methods with responsible viticulture and instinctive winemaking. Romantic and restrained. Classic and contemporary.

Vinum Chenin Blanc 2019

The nose hints at the wonderful elegance of this wine. White petals, citrus crispness, gentle vanilla and spicy cinnamon. The palate unfolds layers of fresh lime, deep, opulent fruitiness, and tingling spices all wrapped in very subtle and harmonious notes of French oak, hanging on the palate with a mineral resonance.

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