A message from Emilio Fidora

A message from Emilio Fidora

We have received the rather cheerful video below from our friend Emilio Fidora in Italy. Emilio’s family owns the oldest organic estate in the Veneto region. Emilio’s grandfather Guido was ahead of his time when, in 1974, he adopted the principles of organic winemaking at the family’s Civranetta vineyard, shunning the use of chemicals and embracing biodiversity. Civranetta in the Veneto region is steeped in history, having been occupied in the 14th century by Benedictine monks who also made wine. The original layout remains in place today, with the plots on the 160 hectare site protected from pests and adverse weather by trees and ditches, and around one-third of the land unused in order to maintain the vineyard’s natural biodiversity.

Back in the 1970s, some saw Guido’s decision as a backward step. For him it was a big leap forward. He saw it as reversing the growing trend of using chemicals and unnatural methods and instead embracing quality, health, sustainability and, most importantly, environmental responsibility. These days, Emilio is in charge. He has continued to focus on biodiversity. The success of that is evident in the wildlife that populates the vineyard – hares, foxes, pheasants and countless species of bird see it as their home.

The family produces a Prosecco whose fresh and fruity flavour is influenced by the vineyard’s proximity to the sea and its clay soil, and a Pinot Grigio which benefits from the same growing conditions and minerality to produce a dry white with flavours of pear and apple.

We love Fidora’s reds, particularly the Valpolicella which is smooth with flavours of cherry and a hint of pepper that comes from the Corvina grape. A glass or two of this is perfect with pasta dishes and meats. A bigger budget option is the Amarone which is made using the traditional appassimento method that dries out the fruit in order to increase the concentration, with the maturation taking place in oak for around four years before the wine is aged in the bottle. 

To view the full range of Emilio’s wines we currently stock please visit this page.